Metabolism Testing

Have you ever wondered if your metabolism is fast or slow? Is a slow metabolism the reason you can’t lose weight? Now, your question can be answered with a 10-minute breathing test that will determine the exact number of calories you burn at rest each day. Using a MetaCheck indirect calorimeter, the air you breathe out is analyzed to determine how much oxygen your body consumes which scientifically reveals your resting metabolic rate. After completing the test, you are given your Target Caloric Zone to ensure weight loss, maintenance or gain, depending on your needs. You will also be given personal strategies on how to maximize your metabolism.

Included with the 10-minute breathe test is a 20-minute explanation of results from a registered dietitian.  Price is $45 per test.  We have group discounts for 2 or more people who sign up for the test at the same time.  Special discounts for University of North Dakota employees and family members!

Please send an e-mail to if you have questions or want to set something up.

To learn more about the specific machine used for the test, check out: