Nutrition Consult

Nutrition Consultation
Why would I need a nutrition consultation?Initial nutrition consultations with a registered dietitian are one hour in length with forty-five minute follow-up sessions. These sessions will assess current dietary regimen, health status, food & beverage preferences, and exercise level leading to recommendations that support your health and fitness goals.

Many Americans are suffering from chronic health problems such as obesity, hypertension, joint pain, depression, fatigue, poor immune response, infertility, and many more issues related to poor food choices, lifestyle habits, and the environment. Nutritional insufficiencies and environmental stress can often be corrected to restore optimal nutritional health before serious health problems appear. The term used to manage medical conditions through nutritional intervention is Medical Nutrition Therapy, abbreviated MNT.

What is Medical Nutrition Therapy?
Many medical conditions happen due to stress and poor nutritional habits. Nutrition therapy is the science of appropriate diet, lifestyle strategies and therapeutic nutrient intervention to correct nutritional insufficiencies, promote optimal health, & prevent, manage, or correct medical problems.

Medical Nutrition Therapy can enhance the medical treatment of certain diseases and health conditions. For example, people undergoing surgery can recover sooner if they have the adequate nutrition for healing. MNT can add to the success of the medical treatment and the quality of life for the terminally ill.

For conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and non-insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus many physicians will recommend that the individual try to reverse the problem with a change in diet and lifestyle before prescribing medication or other forms of treatment. There are certain situations where an individual is unable to make dietary changes that are necessary to manage their condition or the illness is caused by genetic inheritance. Within these situations dietary management alone is not enough to correct the damaging effects of the illness. These cases may require medication or other medical intervention to manage the problem. Always consult with your physician for the healthiest treatment options available.

Nutrition Therapy

Answering YES to any of the following questions means that you could benefit from nutrition therapy.

Do you have problems gaining, losing or maintaining your weight?
Do you experience fatigue or have trouble concentrating?
Do you have an upcoming surgery procedure?
Do you suffer from dry skin, joint pain, or depression?
Are you pregnant or have you been trying to conceive?
Do you suffer from digestive problems such as indigestion, heartburn, gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea?
Has your physician recommended nutrition therapy to you?
Would you be interested in improving your health and well-being through diet, nutrition, and a healthier lifestyle?
Are you taking prescription medications to treat one or more medical conditions?
Are you unsure about what meal plan is best for you?
Are you taking nutritional supplements but uncertain about the safety, quality, or effectiveness?
Do you desire to improve your stamina and every day physical performance?
Specific conditions that can be successfully treated with nutrition therapy:

Obesity and weight management
Gestational diabetes
Insulin resistance
High Cholesterol
High Triglycerides
Low HDL (Good) Cholesterol
Nutrition in pregnancy
Menopausal symptoms
Irritable bowel syndrome
Gastrointestinal problems
Arthritis/joint pain/gout
Athletic performance
Dry skin/skin conditions
Thyroid disease
Wound healing
Food allergies
Eating Disorders
Nutrition Therapy
You will receive:

A personalized nutrition analysis based on what you have been eating.
Recommendations on the calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate and specific foods for your health goals, activity needs, age, size, & food preferences.
Educational materials and helpful tools to help lead you in the pursuit of your goals.
You will learn:

The art of healthy eating, how to choose foods to maximize energy, simple menu planning, recipes that fit into your hectic life, and more based on your individual needs.
Easy, practical ways to get more physical activity into your day.
Your insurance company may cover the cost of your appointment. We are providers for BC BS of ND, BC BS of MN, and Medicare. To know for sure if your insurance company covers the expense of your Medical Nutrition Therapy appointment, simply call the number on the back of your insurance card.

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