Corporate Wellness

Need a cost savings solution to save your companies health care costs? Healthy Weighs can help! Research has shown that healthy nutrition is the key to preventing and treating medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and Type 2 Diabetes.

Corporate wellness is on the rise as individuals are spending much more time at work. Now is the time to give your employees the key to maintaining their health by offering classes or individual consultations regarding nutrition and/or physical fitness. Research suggests that companies who support the physical wellness of their employees enjoy the benefits of increased productivity, fewer employee absences, & increased employee retention. If a wellness program already exists, this service can be added on to enhance the services provided. If a wellness program does not exist, this is a good time to start to help your employees become healthier and more productive.

We are flexible in regards to what companies would like. Some ideas include metabolism testing, wellness classes (below), meal plans, and individual consultations (below).

A. Wellness Classes: Healthy Weighs can design curriculum to suit the needs of your employees or to add on to an existing corporate wellness program. Classes can be offered individually or in multiple week segments. Classes typically last 45 minutes to one hour. Some sample class topics include:

Portion Control
Weight Loss: The Healthy Way
Boost Your Metabolism
Eating At Work
Watch Out When Dining Out
The Truth About Fad Diets
Good Calories, Bad Calories
Smart Snacks
Supplements: How Do I Know Which Ones Are Beneficial?
Supplements: Do I Need Them?
How Much Should I Eat and What’s a Serving?
Eating to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
Living With Diabetes
Put Fitness First
Eating to Control Blood Sugar and Prevent Insulin Resistance
B. Individual Consultations: Initial nutrition consultations are one hour with one-half hour follow-up. These sessions will assess an individual’s current dietary regimen, their food and beverage preferences, and their exercise level, leading to recommendations that align with their health and fitness goals. If applicable, medical history, any current medical conditions will be taken into account when designing a lifestyle plan. We are provide these same services via telehealth!

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